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Gather one-and-all for game this holiday season and bring everyone closer!

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20 Dreams - The card game of epic adventures, crazy cliffhangers and emotional rollercoasters!

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Last night I dreamt I had to climb up so many stairs but my pet cat got to ride
up in a hot air balloon instead!

I woke up feeling...?

Tell a story with the picture cards but keep the emotion to yourself so others have to guess!

Express the feeling through your story!


20 Dreams is a crazily creative card game that challenges your imagination, tests your dream telling skills and stretches your emotional intelligence to bring you endless entertainment and hilarious outcomes!

A Creative Card Game with
Easy to Play Rules!

20 Dreams is an easy to pick up and play card game. One quick explanation and you are off! 20 Dreams is aimed at Aged 12+, but is easily adaptable for younger or neurodiverse players as the more difficult emotions can be removed making the game shorter and more accessible.

20 Dreams contains 200 cards: 60 picture cards, 7 packs of 20 emotion cards. It comes in a small box that easily slips into a suitcase or a picnic hamper, which makes it a great travel game. Our card game also gets easier towards the end as emotions are removed from play, giving those with fewer points a chance to catch up and feel the buzz of getting it right!

20 Dreams can be played by everyone with the more logical players communicating their emotion through clues in their story and the creative, emphatic players displaying their imaginative and EQ skills. Finally, a game where both creative and logical people can show each other how feelings may be expressed.

Additionally, being a card game about feelings, 20 Dreams also helps to develop listening and empathy skills in those who aren’t telling the story. So choosing 20 Dreams over an adventure game or competitive logic game, is that these skills together with your EQ skills are engaged and strengthened in an easy fun way! Our storytelling-style game can also create a calm atmosphere of listening and responding no more flipping boards or debating rules – making 20 Dreams not only dream-themed but also a dream to play!

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Wham, Whoosh, Zoom!
Take a trip into the surreal and bizarre where everyday
objects take on any meaning you like.

20 Dreams - A Storytelling card game designed in a pop art style

When you play 20 Dreams you are given permission to let your imagination go wild. The 20 Dreams cards are designed in a pop art style to help stimulate imaginative play. The playful colour scheme encourages players to see things from a different perspective. As long as you are able to weave the emotion into your dream you can be as weird and wacky as you want.


The Dream Teller always starts with the words ‘Last night I had a dream….’ and ends with the words ‘And I woke up feeling…?’ What happens in-between can be as surreal as you want it to be, so unleash the artist within you with our creative storytelling card game

- 20 Dreams!


Use the picture cards in any order!
Last night I had a dream that I found a drumkit in a tresure chest but when I started to play I was told to shh because I had woken everyone else up! I woke up feeling..? Guilty! 

Create some memories and meaningful moments together

“Remember when… Dad told us that dream and Mum nearly wet herself laughing”?

Build long-lasting family bonds, by getting to know each other better through the shared experience of playing our endlessly endertaining card game - 20 Dreams!

Spending time together as a family or with a bunch of friends gives us some amazing memories to store up for the future. Creating these types of memories help us feel like we belong in the world and they live with us forever.


The year 2020 has taught us the true importance of emotional connections. While we protect our bodies from infection, emotional bonds protect our minds from poor mental health and the disconnection that comes with isolation. Understanding how to be there for our friends and family has been a learning experience for us all.


Something as simple as playing our emotive card game is a great way of letting your best friend know you are there for them, and for helping protect your children from mental health issues. Through imaginative play, we get to know each other on a deeper level.

20 Dreams – A fun family card game that builds emotional intelligence - “I just wish they would talk more about their feelings!”


Within the Western culture, we are very good at saying “I think”, but not so good at saying “I feel”. We are also not very good at listening to someone talk about distressing feelings. Rather than empathising we may try and solve the problem to remove the feeling as quickly as possible.


Our creative card game - 20 Dreams is designed to encourage people to explore different feelings and the language used to describe those feelings.

The 20 Emotion cards have been carefully chosen from research which explores the variety of human emotions. 20 Dreams can for example help a teenager explore how anger and violence are two different things.

Playing 20 Dreams can also help reduce inhibitions about talking about feelings as it normalises the feelings language. It also teaches people the art of dream interpretation as our dreams are all about our emotions!

Everyone has an imagination and what better way is there to learn emotional language than through playing an imaginative storytelling card game!


Play, play, play

20 Dreams is a hilariously entertaining card game with endless outcomes

Did you know the happiest people are the ones that put quality time aside to play and be creative?  Playing a game of 20 Dreams is a wonderful break from work and helps members of your household engage in playful activities without a screen.

Our imaginative card game gives players the opportunity to really experience creative play over and over again. The endless combinations of picture cards make for unique dream stories every time. As the game progresses players will find themselves smiling and laughing not only at the ridiculous dreams their fellow players have concocted but will surprise themselves with their nonsense tales and attempts to convey emotions such as disgust and jealousy!

Young players may well want to take the cards up into their room to create their own world with the images and feelings, families might use the cards to playfully let one another know how their day has been. 20 Dreams is versatile and adaptable, and just so long as it remains playful it will help release those happy chemicals into our bodies, perhaps that little kick needed to remind ourselves we are ok in the world.


Calling all Tabletop Gaming Fans - Our Imaginative Card game could well be the Game Masters tool
you are looking for! 

To all those board game geeks who meet once a week - our creative card game may provide a welcome break to a long campaign or board game that has continued for a few sessions. 20 Dreams can be a breath of fresh air for players who enjoy using their imagination and want to bring some lighthearted fun to the table.


The storytelling aspect of our card game will engage players’ creative sides so their brains are ready to go on ithe next adventure, while the emotional intelligence developed through play will strengthen the bonds of the team and help them work together in your next big campaign. Because even dungeons can get dull after a while - restore your gaming group to full HP with 20 Dreams!

The Creator of 20 Dreams was inspired by a dream!

Karen Stallard, the creator of our amazing little card game, is an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, she loves working with dreams in the therapy room and is fascinated by the role dreams play in our lives. After waking up one night from a strange dream Karen was inspired to create 20 Dreams, a card game that would reward the right hemisphere of the brain by tapping into emotions and creativity.


20 Dreams has been created primarily for people to enjoy as a fun creative card game but through playtesting, Karen realised that it could also be an excellent resource for therapists and educators. So Karen has put together a range of exercises using 20 Dreams that can be used both in the therapeutic setting or in the classroom. So whether you are a Therapist, English teacher, Drama teacher or Senco teacher, our storytelling card game - 20 Dreams might just be what you need in your tool box.

Karen Stallard, the creator of 20 Dreams was inspired by a dream
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