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Nothing brings people together more than a game. So whether you are isolating with you family, chosen family, flatmates or friends, making sure to play together allows for relationships to build and understanding of each other to deepen when we need it most.


20 Dreams is a game designed to build on your Emotional Intelligence because you have to get into the mind of the ‘dream-teller’ to guess what kind of emotion they woke up feeling. With emotional intelligence you can do this in real life and understand the feelings of those around you.

 It is especially important now, as we each individually try to navigate life mid-pandemic, to be open to talk about feelings and emotions. This can be difficult but emotional intelligence makes it easier.
But 20 Dreams doesn’t just build emotional intelligence, it also normalises talking about feelings openly and honestly in a group setting. Developing this from a young age can lead to create compassionate and thoughtful humans. Additionally, the cards can be used out of game to develop emotional communication in children by asking them to pick a emotion card that best described their day allows them to unpack their feelings and talk about the reasons they felt those emotions.

Discover the game that is creating space for our feelings in the year we have really needed it, and build upon your emotional intelligence while having endless fun in made up stories!


"It is fascinating to see the different ways in which people describe emotions. For example, my husband was describing feeling surprised but our children both thought that he felt guilty."

- Ruth Stalker-Firth

“I really like the concept of the game. Storytelling games really speak to me and by guessing the used emotion it can also be very educational.” – Tanja B @boardgame_review_tanja on Instagram


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