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'Family' Means;
Growing Together


Discover how 20 Dreams brings your family closer than ever while remaining top pick for family games night.

Family Games Night
with 20 Dreams

Family Games

Bring the whole family together for some quality time with a family games night.  Perhaps it is your favourite family activity, a family tradition that has been passed down between generations, or maybe you are looking for a new way to entertain your family, 20 Dreams is the perfect start or addition to any family games night. 
We're not like the other games - this is a brand new Storytelling Card Game of endless outcomes with an emotional twist!

Play a game that your whole family can enjoy

20 Dreams is a game that adults, teens and kids will enjoy. Everyone can tell a dream, but are you able to tell a dream that reflects an emotion? That’s the challenge!


20 Dreams is a game for families with older kids (Aged 12+), but if you wanted to play with younger children you just need to remove some of the more complex emotions from the game.

Play 20 Dreams with the whole family

⭐️Make Family Games Night
a Special Treat Night⭐️

There are a great many ways to make your family games night a special treat night.   


Pizza may be all that's needed to bring your family together around the table and leave the days distractions behind.

Or perhaps family games night is the perfect excuse for your kids to bake their favourite cookies, which you can all indulge in.


So once you have planned your special treats then that’s the perfect time to settle into a game of 20 Dreams.

Family games night with pizza and 20 Dreams

Set aside family games night as your screen free activity
& quality time together

Family Games Night is your screen free activity. Phones are for checking games rules only

We know it's really difficult to put down your phones and tablets.

Who is the worst culprit in your family? – Is it Mum, Dad, the kids or maybe its Grandma constantly posting family photos on Facebook? 

Then there is the constant distraction from various notifications.  Our instantaneous world, demands our attention at the expense of those we are with. Family Games Night is the perfect opportunity for everyone to put down their phones, be fully present and enjoy the company of those around us.  Combine that with a game of 20 Dreams that builds strong relationship bonds and will leave you with long-lasting memories and you are in for a great night.


How competitive is your family games night?

Each of your family members will have different levels of competitiveness. 
If you want to put your family members under pressure then use a timer with a 2 min challenge to tell your dream!  Larger families may want to play in teams, try a game where each team player tells part of the dream, but remember each player has to reflect the emotion, so the other team can guess the emotion behind the dream. Playing 20 Dreams in different ways each family games night is just another way our game never gets old!


​You can enjoy playing 20 Dreams in as competitive or as relaxing a way as you would like!


Simple Fun with 20 Dreams

Play a game of 20 Dreams and fill the room with hilarious storytelling and maybe some confusion as you try and work out what emotion the dream teller is trying to convey.  It’s a simple game, so you won’t lose the will to live whilst you try to decipher the rules before play.  There is nothing worse than the kids watching you try to unravel the most complicated rules you can imagine, so get your family games night off to a quick and easy start with 20 Dreams!

Simple games are the best, so give 20 Dreams a go at your family games night and have a wonderful family evening!

Positive Parenting with 20 Dreams

Positive Pareting

Positive Parenting is the emphasis on positive reinforcement in a strong and understanding relationship between parent and child. This creates an environment where your children are more likely to co-operate with you and understand when and why certain behaviours have negative outcomes.


Reinforcing positive behaviours through Positive Parenting and combining this with the development of emotional literacy through our storytelling card game, will aid your children for the rest of their lives. Giving them a secure foundation for good mental health practises and the interpersonal skills to communicate when they are unhappy or something is wrong.

A family games night with 20 Dreams will help develop listening and empathy skills for everyone in the home. And with the hilarious outcomes of 20 Dreams, your children will want to carry on the fun they’ve had - encouraging them to exercise the same positive behaviour in the real world.

Positive parenting by creating a safe environment to talk about feelings
Positive parenting with healthy relationships

In Positive Parenting the connection that you have with your child is paramount. The more you are able to understand how your child is feeling and how they react and behave to different situations, the easier it will be to guide those feelings and reactions into positive behaviours.

Playing 20 Dreams at family games night is the perfect way to establish and develop this connection, by giving them an outlet and a safe environment to talk about their feelings in a space that they feel heard by those they seek connection with. All of which is done in a setting of fun and play to further solidify a positive approach to talking about emotions and thinking of their own emotions before reacting.


Sneak an educational game into
family games night - just don’t tell the kids!

20 Dreams is a great way to hear some hilarious storytelling, whilst teaching players to express their own emotions and recognise other players emotions.  The importance of social skills is often downplayed, yet they are one of the most important life skills. 


Developing emotional intelligence helps you navigate through life and build strong relationships.  20 Dreams is a creative game that teaches you to articulate feelings through storytelling and will bring much laughter and fun during your family games night.

We’re done with home-schooling 
- it’s time for heart-schooling 

I don’t know about you, but I forgot how Pythagoras theorem works a long time ago.

It’s time to teach our children skills and knowledge that will last them a lifetime. Playing 20 Dreams together is a fun and easy way to develop your children’s emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and positive mental health practises that will aid them through life no matter which path they decide to take. Through the carefully selected emotions in the 20 Dreams card game, children can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how they express emotion while learning the subtle differences between them, for example; the difference between sad and angry.

We're done with home schooling, its time for heart schooling

After a year of learning from home, separated from their peers and friendship group, important social skills that come with the everyday dialogue of a school setting have been missed. Make sure your child is ready to face the world again with high emotional intelligence and a strong understanding of self that will make navigating social spaces that much easier

all by playing and sharing together with a game of 20 Dreams!


Watch a Play-Through
The 20 Dreams' Creators!

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