Get your Valentine Day Game gift-wrapped with red ribbon! 

There is no more precious a gift than time spent together.
And giving them the gift of 20 Dreams doesn’t just promise that, it allows you to get to know each other on a deeper level. Understanding your partner’s emotions truly is the key to happiness and 20 Dreams makes it fun, easy, and creative!
Pair with wine, chocolate, or just pizza delivered for a wonderful night of discovery, into each other’s dreams!

Nothing brings people together more than playing a game. So whether you are looking for a new fun family game or a game to play with friends, 20 Dreams is the game that keeps on giving! With easy to play rules and lots of room to get creative, our storytelling card game not only allows for endless fun and possibilities, it also strengthens relationships through engaging our emotional intelligence.

In 20 Dreams, you have to get into the mind of the person telling their dream story to guess what kind of emotion they woke up feeling! This builds upon your emotional intelligence, which will allow you to do this in real life and understand the feelings of those around you!

But 20 Dreams doesn’t just build emotional intelligence, it also normalises talking about feelings in a group setting. Developing this from a young age can create compassionate and thoughtful humans! Additionally, the cards can be used out of the game to develop emotional communication in children; by asking them to pick an emotion card that best described their day allows them to unpack their feelings and talk about the reasons they felt those emotions.

Discover the game that is creating space for our feelings, grows emotional intelligence, and is fun beyond your wildest dreams!


Here's Our Game In Action
With The 20 Dreams' Creators!

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