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20 Dreams is a small start-up cardgame founded by Karen Stallard and Sharon Foye. Karen, an intergrative Arts Psychotherapist, created the game and continues to be its creative director. While Sharon runs the business side, from production to customer, as well as bring the instigator of our successful Kickstarter Campaign in July 2020.

Karen loves working with dreams in the therapy room and is fascinated by the role dreams play in our lives. And so she wanted to develop a card game which rewards the right side of the brain – the creative side.

Our dreams and the emotions they bring us tell us a lot about ourselves. And talking about them strengthens the right hand side of the brain and deepens emotional intelligence. Played together, 20 Dreams allows people to understand each other more while having fun together!

Many other games encourage the left side of the brain with logic, memory, and rational thinking, and often you need those skills in order to win. However, we believe that emotional intelligence is just as if not more important than academic achievement, and we value the development of empathic skills equal to achieving a task.


Sharon comes from a business background with a career in finance and operations. With her expertise in production and fulfilment, we are able to bring this game to life and bring our little box of 20 Dreams to your door!


20 Dreams has 200 cards.  There are 60 picture cards, 6 player packs of 20 emotion cards for use during play.  The Dream Teller selects 3 picture cards and one emotion card to tell their dream. The other players each have to select the Dream Tellers emotion from their pack of 20 emotion cards. It may be quite difficult to begin with, but as you play more rounds and emotions are played the game will become easier.

All the cards are designed in pop art style to help stimulate imaginative play. A dream gives permission to be as crazy and as weird as you want to be, so long as you are able to weave in the emotion into your dream. The Dream Teller always starts with the words ‘Last night I had a dream….’ and ends with the words ‘And I woke up feeling…?’ Other players will have to apply their EQ skills to pick the right emotion.

Playing 20 Dreams can help reduce inhibitions about talking about feelings as saying the word 'feelings' is part of the game as well as encouraging players to reflect and identify emotions. Some emotions may be quite tricky to identify whilst others more straightforward, but much will depend on the Dream Tellers creative ability and the player's EQ.  

20 Dreams is a card game that will create fun and laughter amongst your family and friends. 20 Dreams can also be used as an educational tool by parents, teachers or therapists either by playing the game or by using the cards as an aid to discuss emotions.

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