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20 Dreams is easy to pick up! Just follow these simple rules and have fun

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20 Dreams Rules

Shuffle and place the 60 Picture Cards face down on the table. Each player/team chooses their colour coded pack of the Player Emotion Cards.


Pick a player to go first OR each player picks a White Emotion Card. The player with the most people on their card goes first, draw again in there is a tie.

Return the White Emotion Cards to the pack, shuffle and randomly discard 1 White Emotion Card without anyone seeing it. This card will not be used for the duration of the game. Place the cards face down.

The first player is the Dream Teller, who then draws 3 Picture Cards placing them on the table for everyone see. The Dream Teller also draws 1 White Emotion Card and looks at it without revealing it to the other players.

Telling the Dream

The Dream Teller tells a dream that expresses the emotion on their White Emotion Card, they must include the 3 Picture Cards in their story in any order they like.

The Dream Teller must not name the emotion on their White Emotion Card. If they do then the round is forfeit. The White Emotion Card is returned to the pack, the pack is shuffled and play moves on.

The Dream Teller always starts the dream by saying “LAST NIGHT I HAD A DREAM” and ends by saying; “AND I WOKE UP FEELING…?”

Choosing the Emotion

At the end of the dream, every player works out The Dream Teller’s emotion. They do this by choosing one card from their own Player Emotion Cards and placing it face down on the table.

Once all players have chosen, The Dream Teller reveals the White Emotion Card and each player reveals their chosen Player Emotion Card.

The Dream Teller collects all the matching Player Emotion Cards and places them in their own Points Pile. They also find their own matching Player Emotion Card and place it in their Points Pile.

Each player that did not match the emotion takes back the wrong card into their hand, they then find the correct Player Emotion Card in their pack and places that card into the Penalty Box.

Discard the White Emotion Card so it is not used again. The used Picture Cards are placed at the bottom of the picture card pile.

If no-one guesses correctly then The Dream Teller must place their matching Player Emotion Card into the Penalty Box along with the rest of the players. Discard the White Emotion Card so it is not used again.

Play moves around in clockwise direction. >>

Beginning the Game

You can end the game at any point, just make sure each player has had the same number of dream telling turns. For a full game play these number of rounds:

2 Player – 9 Rounds – 2 Emotion cards left in hand
3 Player – 6 Rounds – 2 Emotion cards left in hand
4 Player – 4 Rounds – 4 Emotion cards left in hand
5 Player – 3 Rounds – 5 Emotion cards left in hand
6 Player – 3 Rounds – 2 Emotion cards left in hand

Adding up the Scores

White Emotion Cards are not needed for scoring.

Player Emotion Card in Points Pile = +1
Player Emotion Card in the Penalty Box = -1

For your final score add up all the different Player Emotion Cards in your own Points Pile then deduct your own colour coded Player Emotion Cards found in the Penalty Box.

The player with the most points wins. In the event of a tie, the Penalty Box is ignored and the player with the most points in their Points Pile wins. If it’s still a tie, then that’s a draw!

Playing 20 Dreams

2 Player Game – A cooperative game; work together to collect points
3 – 6 Player Game – A competitive game, the player with the most points wins
Team Game – Similar to the above, except each team member must contribute to the dream telling and each of the other teams must agree their emotion card. Your team may decide to tell the dream one sentence at a time, the ultimate challenge.


You may want to use a timer to tell a dream. A two minute limit adds more challenge to the game.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

Finishing the Game

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