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Producing Creative Videos whilst in Lockdown.

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Producing all of our promotional material for 20 Dreams during lockdown has presented some interesting challenges. How do you film a group of people playing 20 Dreams during Lockdown? And if we cant do that what do we do instead?

Karen's creative skills have certainly been put to the test, thats for sure. We are a small business and Lockdown has meant that we have really had to work hard with the resources we have. It's rather fortunate that our tiny London garden has had a lot of attention this year, as that was really the only place we could shoot our Kickstarter video.

Karen has some great equipment at her disposal and has been busy putting her camera to good use. Luckily Karen received a tripod in her stocking filler last year as thats been in constant use.

Lockdown has meant that we have had to be resourceful and extremely creative. Skills that we can continue to use post lockdown. In the photo below, Karen is creatively including her sand tray in part of the Kickstarter video footage, a good example of resourceful and creativity going hand in hand.

So keep a look out for our Kickstarter updates and expect some more interesting footage for 20 Dreams from Karen, the Games Creator.

Karen and Sharon

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