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The Compromise with Plastic and Playing cards

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Reducing plastic pollution on our environment is important to both Karen and Sharon. If you are interested in starting out on this journey our suggestion is to make the simple changes first. I would say the easiest one for us was the switch to using a soap bar, but there may be another one that works better for you. Just a simple change like that will reduce your plastic pollution on the environment.

Sharon has been researching the possibility of making the card game plastic free for some time. But plastic coated cards protect them from sticky fingers and significantly extends their durability. So we chose to have plastic coated cards so as not to compromise on the quality. We want our cards to last and be enjoyed for a very long time.

Have you ever wondered why card games are shrink wrapped in plastic? Often not just once, as the cards inside the game can be individually shrink wrapped and then just in case you wanted some more the outer packaging is also shrink wrapped. Well we did and started to question whether our cards could be single use plastic free.

Sharon started working with our factory on options to reduce the amount of plastic. We made the decision that our card game box would come in a secondary protective cardboard cover instead of shrink wrap and the cards themselves are kept together by paper sleeves. Both the cover and paper sleeves are made from recycled paper, so good news there. Good bye to the dreaded shrink wrap!

So can you imagine how surprised we were to find our card games individually wrapped in bubble wrap! Our factory was clearly pleased with the game and they were really keen to gain our feedback on the prototypes, which was great. And in many ways it's very positive that they took such care in making sure that we received the games in excellent condition.

So thats our next challenge on reducing our plastic usage. We need to figure out a way for our factory to safely transit our card games to us without excessive use of bubble wrap.

Karen and Sharon

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