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Back 2 School!

As schools open and students are invited to learn amongst their peers once again, so does the often-turbulent social climate that students navigate alongside learning. The social skills they learn last a lifetime; how to communicate their emotions and how to receive the emotions of others with empathy and understanding.

These interpersonal abilities are gained through developing a high emotional intelligence - and that’s where 20 Dreams comes in!

Karen Stallard, the creator of 20 Dreams initially trained in performing arts and worked in Theatre and Education. Recognising the importance of fresh ideas and creativity in the classroom she has provided 20 ways 20 Dreams can be used in a classroom to strengthen student’s emotional intelligence and understanding of self in what is such a pivotal point in their lives.

With Drama activities, creative writing ideas, exercises to develop EQ skills discover how 20 Dreams can be your creative classroom aid, just click the link below!

📧 Alternatively, if you child is at school or you have friends that teach - forward this email to them! We’re certain that they will find 20 Dreams helpful, even if it’s just for that struggling student that needs a 1 to 1. 📧

An inspiring and highly creative game that is both entertaining and thought provoking, allowing space to develop and explore the imagination.” - JS (Psychotherapist)

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