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How to get 20 Dreams in 1 Sleep!

As nothing happened last year, it’s easy to forget that they are starting to happen this year. A cocktail night that was planned while a friend’s lockdown birthday passed? Or your games night group finally getting back together again? Whatever the reason or occasion you can dream easy knowing you can sort the perfect game gift in 1 sleep! As the 20 Dreams card game is now on Amazon Prime!🎉

Treat your friends and family across the pond! 20 Dreams is also available to US customers with Amazon Prime Delivery! Never miss a chance to give someone you love the gift of creativity and endless fun! You don’t need a reason to spread joy! Give a family you know with young children or teens the chance to make stronger bonds, great memories, and emotional language that will help them for the rest of their lives - all with a little box that will arrive before you know it!

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