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It's time for a Road Trip!

Don't let them say it! Make the journey the best part of the trip with 20 Dreams! As we bring you 3 different games that will get your travel buddies talking and get you to the destination before you know it!

Game 1 - 2 player 20 Dreams!

If not everyone in the car wants to get involved in a game, (understandable I guess... ) Then a collaborative 2 player game of 20 Dreams is sure to keep the back row occupied until we get there! When played 2 player, 20 Dreams becomes collaborative which means they work together to get all the emotions correct! Peace restored!

Game 2: Picture Cards Only!

A full game of 20 Dreams is not always possible in a small car and would exclude the driver as they can't hold their cards and the wheel!

Use just the picture cards to tell a story that expresses an emotion and let everyone guess! When its the drivers turn, pick 3 cards for them and let them know what pictures they've got! You can even use emotions that aren't yet on our cards so you can keep going past 20 Dream stories on your way to your destination!

Game 3: What would you do?

Almost just as bad as whining "are we there yet" is when our kids don't talk to us at all. Car rides are a great setting to chat about how you think and feel about things because everyone wants to get their mind off the journey. Take turns making up wild scenario that involve someone else in the car and ask them, "What would you do?"

Here's an example! "What would you do if your teacher unfairly judged your presentation?" or "What would you do if your friend told you they think your favourite film is rubbish?", this is a great way to think about how to act in certain situations and builds emotional intelligence. It also makes that person feel like their thoughts and feelings are important!

If you try out any of these games on your travels -

Let us know in our socials!

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