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20 Dreams is coming soon on Kickstarter

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

The build up to our Kickstarter launch is pretty hair raising. Certainly kept us busy during lockdown, whether we are writing a blog, creating another video, tweeting, whatever is needed for the launch. We are never short of something to do.

We are a small business based in London, a team of 2 and we want to celebrate each step in our journey with you. So here we have the arrival of our first 10 prototype Card Packs, a few days earlier than expected, which is a good sign and we are well chuffed with the quality.

We now have a few more packs that can go out into circulation as we want as many people to play 20 Dreams as possible. But for Karen and Sharon the photography and video production is about to kick off, so that we can really start to share our card game 20 Dreams with everyone.

Keep an eye out for our Kickstarter Updates.

Karen and Sharon

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