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Recovery Through Play

When I started training as an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, I was blown away with how simple imaginative play could provide such profound and meaningful experiences especially in relationship with others. It made me realise how important play is to help us feel connected and be part of a group.

During the second world war the entertainment industry boomed, people needed to play hard in order to cope with the traumatic consequences of war. Although the Covid-19 pandemic is very different from war, it has had a massive impact on everyone’s lives and for many has been incredibly traumatic. During the last few months we have had no chance to gather together with our favourite people and play. With the entertainment industry and leisure centres shut we have all had to manage to survive with screen life and for some a household for company. Everyone’s hair has grown but we haven’t had anywhere to ‘let it down!’

Now lockdown is ending we shouldn’t be surprised that some people will be going out and playing hard, so hard it might get a bit messy for a while.

I want to get the nation playing healthily again so I have designed 20 Dreams to help with this process. We know that children can work out their trauma though play, but adults can as well. Some of us need lots of opportunities to interact in a fun way with one another, we need to laugh, we need to be challenged, we need to engage our whole bodies in play and we will need to do this for some time, especially as the effects of the pandemic continue to destroy lives and livelihoods.

20 Dreams has been specifically designed to work the right hemisphere of the brain, the part which controls emotion and creativity, the part which trauma can disrupt in a devastating way. 20 Dreams can be used in the therapeutic setting but really it is designed to be played by friends and families just to have fun. And in having fun it will also be making all sorts of positive effects on your brain and your nervous system!

If you like the idea please check out my Kickstarter campaign where you will be rewarded with a game of 20 Dreams for £15 and a bundle that includes card games, a picture, a dream consultation and other rewards for £200. And lot of rewards in between.

But more importantly make sure you get to play a bit every day doing whatever gives you joy.

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